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Image: This is the first of 3 photos in a slideshow. What is a Dynamic Learning Map? Imagine an assessment system that adapts to students’ needs and strengths and gives teachers a powerful tool to help guide student learning. Click on the 1, 2, and 3 to switch between slides. Click on this image to read more information about Dynamic Learning Maps, or keep browsing through the website. Image: This is the second of 3 photos in a slideshow. About the Consortium. The education departments of 18 states along with key external partners have come together to make the next generation of alternate assessment a reality. Click on the 1, 2, and 3 to switch between slides. Click on this image to read more information about the D.L.M. Consortium, or keep browsing through the website.
What's New?
  • DLM seeks educators from its partner states to review testlets 
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  • North Dakota joins Dynamic Learning Maps 
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  • Alaska joins Dynamic Learning Maps 
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The DLM® project is guided by the core belief that all students should have access to challenging grade-level content. The new DLM Alternate Assessment System will let students with significant cognitive disabilities show what they know in ways that traditional multiple-choice tests cannot. The DLM system is designed to map a student’s learning throughout the year. The system will use items and tasks that are embedded in day-to-day instruction. In this way, testing happens as part of instruction, which both informs teaching and benefits students. An end of the year assessment will be created for states that want to include a summative test in addition to the instructionally embedded system.

There is a growing need for new innovative assessments as states move to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In 2010, the Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment System Consortium (DLM) was awarded a grant by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). Through the grant, DLM will develop an exciting new kind of alternate assessment aligned to the new CCSS.

Image: US Map that highlights states included in the d.l.m. assessment system consortium. Click to learn more about the D.L.M. states.
DLM States
New Jersey
North Carolina
North Dakota*
West Virginia
*States joining after the grant award.

Project Progress

  • Grant Awarded
  • Management and Governance Plan Created
  • Common Core Essential Elements and Assessment Achievement Level Descriptors Developed
  • Begin Development of Tasks for Learning Maps
  • Test Blueprints Developed
  • Pilot Testing Begins
  • Learning Maps Developed
  • Test Delivery Software Ready for Use
  • Instructionally Embedded Testing Available
  • Stand-Alone Summative Test Available
  • Professional Development Program Validated
  • Evaluation of the Assessment System